"Keahualaka" "Keahualaka: A Door to Hawaiian Spirituality" Keahualaka is the place on Kaua'i where Lohi'au learned how to drum and dance. It is one of the few used places from antiquity where hula is still practiced to this day. "Keahualaka: A Door to Hawaiian Spirituality" explains how this sacred site was brought back to life. It introduces [...]

Gardens of Grace: Kaua’i

"Gardens of Grace: Kaua'i" "Gardens of Grace: Kaua'i" Leonora Orr is an artist, educator, gardener and tara dancer. With "Gardens of Grace: Kaua'i", she takes the viewers on a journey around seven different gardens of the island of Kaua'i. By opening ourself to Nature, she believes we can all learn about tending, caring, nurturing and [...]